The Art Of Advertising And Branding

Nowadays, it is quite fascinating how companies from different industries try to constantly outdo one another. If you are not observant enough, try checking out the all the creative advertising and branding strategies they use to their advantage just to gain at least a few significant steps ahead from their competitors. Its a constant battle on who gets to most patronage from consumers, which will equate to a bigger market share that would ultimately mean generating higher sales.

The art of advertising and branding is quite complicated than an ordinary person would normally think. All concepts are painstakingly developed and deliberated, researches and endless surveys are made to determine the markets current preferences. This is all geared towards making an intelligent forecast and calculation on the consumers reactions to certain products, and what would be the most effective approach in introducing such product in the market. In advertising and branding, nothing can be attributed to simple stroke of luck or an instant, phenomenal success. Everything is a product of grueling work. That is why advertising think tanks employs an elite team of highly creative people to conceptualize and ensure a certain products success in the market.

So how can one correctly gauge the victory or failure of any advertising and branding effort? Well, its quite simple, really. You can try showing a certain image, logo, color combination, a pattern or a tag line to a number of consumers, and if they are able to properly identify the product behind it, you one can say all marketing efforts have achieved a certain degree of success.

The very first key role of advertising and branding is generating awareness and recognition of a certain product or service. The second most important thing is to actually condition the minds of consumers as to what image you would want them to associate with the product, whether its cheap, durable, dependable, etc. This is the intrinsic value of advertising and branding and can be a little harder to determine. For example, if you mention toothpastes, what brand would first come to mind to consumers? Or if you ask for a most wonderful vacation hotspot, what would be the first word they would be likely blurt out? This does not necessarily mean they have actually been to that particular place, its their perception of the place for what they have seen and heard that made them believe its actually the top choice.

However, on the other side of the coin, once having established a very strong and powerful brand name, companies will find it hard to step away from its shadows. If in the future, the company would want to project a new image, or take on a different market position, it can be a difficult task to veer away for the identity that have been established. This would take another series of powerful marketing effort to transform the image of the product. It all whole new ball game, and a very expensive one at that. This is the beauty of advertising and branding. It is certainly the most powerful marketing tool that can make or break a company.

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How A Travel Agent Can Save You Money On Your Next Trip

These days, many families have their put their vacation plans toward the bottom of their list of priorities. During tougher times, a vacation can seem to simply cost too much money. However, if you are thinking about going on a vacation, you might want to look into working with a travel agent to save money on vacation expenses. Working with a travel agent to plan your vacation means you might be able to afford the trip you thought you would have to put off until next year. For this reason alone it is definitely worth exploring the possibility. So how can working with a travel agent save you money?

Your travel agent will help you get the most out of your budget

Whether your travel budget is $500 or $5,000, working with a travel agent is probably the best way to make the most of your money. Especially if you’re traveling on a tight budget, the skills, knowledge, and experience of a travel agent can be invaluable.

Just make sure when you’re discussing travel plans with your agent, you are absolutely clear about how much money you have to spend. If you want to travel as cheaply as possible, make sure your travel agent understands this so that they have a good idea of the types of travel and accommodation they should be finding for you.

Your travel agent can quickly access a number of providers

Travel agents typically have access to a large network of travel, accommodation, and activity providers. With computer systems that provide access to travel agents all over the world, they can quickly locate details of discount travel providers in many countries. This is one of the main reasons why working with a travel agent is a good idea when you’re on a strict budget. They have access to a large number of different resources, software, and industry contacts, all of which they can use when hunting down the best bargains.

Your travel agent knows the cheapest times to travel

Some days are less expensive to travel on than other days. Red-eye flights and stand-by flights can be less expensive, but direct flights can cost more than taking a circuitous route that involves several different connections. Your travel agent should be very knowledgeable on the process of all this and knows that flights booked on Friday, Sunday, and Monday are generally more expensive. You stand a better chance of saving money on flights if you’re flexible about your travel dates.

In addition, your travel agent can quickly tell you if your vacation plans fall within a peak season during which flights to your destination are significantly more expensive. This means that you can modify your travel plans if you wish. Changing plans may include a cheaper destination or traveling during the offseason to save money on your flight.

Advanced booking is another factor that your travel agent can use to help you get cheaper flights. You should be booking at least six months ahead to get the most affordable tickets. Your agent should tell you that the holiday season is always a relatively expensive time to travel, no matter how far in advance you book.

Your travel agent has access to bulk discounts and consolidated tickets

If you’re willing to travel as part of an organized tour, your travel agent can help you access travel and accommodation. There are also specials for activities that are significantly cheaper than what you would spend if you did the same activities alone. This is because as part of a tour you can take advantage of bulk discounts. You can even organize your own tour through your travel agent, and the organizer might get to travel for free!

Consolidated tickets provide you with the chance to save on your air travel costs. A consolidated ticket is simply a ticket which was purchased by the agent as part of a large group of tickets sold by the same airline. The agent gets a bulk discount on the tickets and can pass that discount on to their clients.

Your travel agent has industry contacts and experience

This translates into money being put back into your pocket. Your travel agent may be in regular contact with many industry professionals, and might be able to get you a great deal on a tour being planned by another agent. If you’re flexible with travel times, your agent may advise you to adjust your trip dates to travel during a cheaper part of the week, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in travel costs. An experienced agent should have expert knowledge of your travel destination and can provide advice on budget accommodation and activities. The agent may often be able to provide discount coupons, free passes, and other incentives.

Best of all, none of these advantages come at a price! You can take full advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experience that your travel agent provides, and can potentially save a great deal of money in the process.

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Ebay Business Is The Best Way To Have Profits

Business can be one of the best ways to earn lots of money in very less time and to know about the best business for us we always relay on the technology and internet because internet is only one place where we can sit on a single place for hours and search various options to start a business. We can get many ideas by the internet about various business and their competitors in the market, their grown strategies, investment that we have to make and many more things which will help us to grow that business. EBay business for sale is one of the best and popular sites of starting a business online and it is one of the most profitable things. Over the period of time the sales of ebay business have become very popular and it is one of the fantastic ideas for the people who are looking out for the business.

The price is the first aspect that one has to keep into consideration while commencing a business. The sales revenue is also considered while selling or purchasing because these sales revenue acts like an indicator that what productivity of the business. The chances of profit in this business are very high that one should look from the prospective of buyer. Therefore one should maintain the winning streak of the business and make sure that they improve the strategies and methods of the business. The age of the business should also be taken into consideration because if the business is old then it needs the changes and new technologies should be added so that it should not lose its goodwill in the market. There is many more business for sale available in market apart from the eBay, like eBay is very popular and have many profitable aspects similar there are more business that one can think for and start or invest in new business.

One have to just invest a huge amount in the first time and make sure that the goodwill of the company is maintained then they would be successful in achieving the profitable business. One can get to know about all these things by the help of the internet very easily and then by making a comparative study they can decide which franchise of business to start.
Therefore one should always take care of the few things before they start any franchise business because it can be a really big investment and can be a reason for our growth as well as downfall.

the franchise business for sale is also very popular among many people and they are preferring to purchase these franchise and start the business because there are many benefits that one can have while investing in the franchise and as we know that these are already establish brands of the market and people can invest in that without any kind of tension and worry.

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A Secrets And Techniques Toddler Bed Guards

I remember as children watching TV and hearing someone tell a child on the show: “Good night, sleep tight and won’t let the bed bugs bite.” I asked my mother what it meant only once and a lot of that sometimes little bugs will bite you but if your sheets are dirty. I usually remembered that saying right now. My mother’s explanation had been not totally belly answer but was sufficient for a ten year old.

With data in mind, it ought to go without saying when strategies children or teens your past home, ought to never be a loaded gun in the home. The gun should in addition to in a safe and secure storage where it doesn’t seem possible for numerous to gain access.

After the “light chores are completed” the family would sit down for supper and give thanks to have each other and enough to consume food. This family sat at a good round timber table which we’ll be selling. After supper, things like pie plates and the iced tea dispenser is often tucked away in the beveled paneled, solid cherry cupboard will certainly cross our block. It’s 4ft tall and in excellent, original condition.

You could tell using the size with the bed essential the owner was. Royalty had biggest bank and highest beds of all, quite mammoth sized! Aristocracy belly a close second. The huge oak bed globe room would certainly be covered in fine hand carvings of all manner of objects and surrounded by thick, heavy drapes having a canopy covering it (known as a tester). The heavy drapery was did keep the cold, dust, germs and insects through the layer. Servants, and poor people, to be able to make do with a bed of hay, usually with the ground using a throw placed over the game.

A note about DE: While considered generally safe, you would like to carefully explore the label and follow all safety books. Wear a dust mask or respirator when taking.

A set of California King features a mattress along with 2 half-width box springs that together with move extremely. You can find additional long double bed mattresses manufactured to accommodate this bedframe.

Make sure there is an equal balance on each side of the bed, for equality inside of relationship in addition to the get better at. Avoid placing the bed alongside a wall at all cost! The individual that sleeps near the wall will feel trapped and in need of more space in the connection. A great way to have a sense of balance is placing matching night stands on them of the bed. Arranging everything in pairs will also symbolize a union. For example, two flowers within a vase rather than just one.

Pine wood beds have been demonstrated to be the most sturdy, long-lasting and dependable form of beds. Consequently it also comes underneath a classification of the majority of pricey and expensive ones. However with little exploration, and study of review websites you most likely are able pay for a one with most favorable cost and without forsaking the quality. The price range usually lies between 125 US Dollars to 250 US revenue. Moreover if you are adept and fragile enough whilst wood making thingy, making a discount code ( on your private won’t be an idea to be ruled out by any means!

The Parrotts go the actual their technique to make your stay very rewarding. They treat you almost as if you live there. They let recognize that intensive testing . available should something set up. For example, my wife was worried about not using an ironing board to press our clothes. One call to Laurel was all it took: the board was there in a matter of minutes. Not really did they bring an ironing board to us–they also brought us a couple of the most delicious lemon poppyseed scones! I can easily still taste them as I write this unique.

A.: Keep in mind that it’s OK to make mistakes when working on your own home, but never give up, you’ll get the practice of it. You can put away a wad of cash doing the projects yourself, as long as you have the right tools and special expertise. There is a huge resource of tips at so sample it out if you want a little encouragement or visit your local Ace store and enquire one in our knowledgeable employees for an advice. Thanks for having my website!

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How To Find An Expert Financial Advisors That Suits You

We all know more or less about financial planners and what they do. But, how do we know if the advices from one of them are going to really benefit the client i.e. you? Here are some tips on choosing the right financial adviser who can guide you properly on saving, investing and also can make your money grow.

A financial adviser is nothing if he/she can’t help you tackle a specific financial goal. The goal can be anything; from purchasing a property, acquiring assets to even paying off mortgages and loans. As you ready yourself towards that specific goal or goals, put your emphasize on a financial adviser who specializes in the field of your interest.

Financial advisers are not stockbrokers! Neither are they accountants; nor insurance agents. Do not be lured into things which will complicate things further.
Buying a life insurance policy or lowering your tax bill is fine as long as you got sufficient money to put behind them. A financial adviser tells you how to save the money that you need to go after all those things, for both of the abovementioned procedures involve some sort of investment and if your financial position is weak, you may end up as a defaulter and travel further downwards the financial vortex. A financial advisor will help you escape such downward spirals.

So how do you know if the person you chose can really help you out with your finances? Simple, just watch out for just three letters following their respective names! CFP or certified financial planner is held as the most significant credential in the field; it signifies he or she has been through acid tests administered by the Certified Tax Accountant Sydney Board of Standards and regularly monitored by a governing body.

The best thing about choosing a CFP is you remain confident that they are up to date with the current finance-related laws, for it is must for them to continue education on financial matters and ethics. Else, maintaining their designation is impossible.

However, despite the CFP credential being a good sign, there’s difference between writing an exam and applying the obtained knowledge in real life. Though it’s like one in a million, but sometimes we do come across certified financial planners who come up short on skills and therefore; credibility. So, a bit of a hose sense goes a long way.

That’s to say, never forget to check the credentials or client testimonials. Find out how they charge and whether the fees are to be paid upfront or after the job is done. Business Advice Services Sydney either charge by commissions or by hourly or flat rates; it’s always better to avoid financial planners who charge you with commissions from your total fund. You certainly do not want to be steered towards particular products to make them benefit. Paying a flat fee is always better, if you do not want to pay by the hours.

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Personal Branding Strategy – Create a Powerful Brand Using the Ancient Power of Brand Archetypes

Have you ever felt that the people you are marketing to don’t “get you” or understand you?

Or, maybe you know you’re not communicating the “right” message to your target audience, but you’re not sure how to change your message, or what it should be.

The problem in both above instances could be you’re not harnessing and using the power of ancient archetypes in your personal branding strategy.

To help explain the concept of ancient archetypes…

Have you ever noticed certain brands, advertisements, movies, or celebrity personalities seem to instantly connect with you? Without you even realizing it, these brands are communicating a story and meaning to your soul it is already deeply familiar with.

Research in the marketing field indicates that the most powerful brands consistently embody the persona of ancient archetypes. Which ancient archetype you embody is the first thing you must do before you begin developing a personal brand identity.

So, what is an ancient archetype?

Archetypes are believed to be universal, mythical characters that live within the collective unconscious of people all over the world. By symbolizing our core human desires, archetypes can evoke strong, deep emotions that everyone can connect to, and understand.

Examples of powerful brands that stir our emotions are Coke, Nike, Marlboro; movies such as Star Wars, and E.T. The Extra Terrestrial; and personalities like Jackie O., John Wayne, and Lady Di. These “brands” have captured and held the imagination of the public. Why? Because they represent something soulfully and deeply familiar to us.

The twelve ancient archetypes are the:

1. Creator

2. Caregiver

3. Ruler

4. Jester

5. Regular Guy/Gal

6. Lover

7. Hero

8. Outlaw

9. Magician

10. Innocent

11. Explorer

12. Sage

Each of these archetypes possess powerful identities that signal the fulfillment of basic human desires and emotions, and releases deep emotions and yearnings within us. Scientific research signals the missing link in successful marketing and branding is a lack of understanding of archetypes, and the power they possess.

During the recent development of my own personal branding strategy, I focused on researching and studying the twelve ancient archetypes to determine which one resonated with me most. After my study, I determined the ancient archetype that best describes me is the Ruler. Well-known Ruler brands are Saab, Ralph Lauren, Fortune, and Microsoft.

The Ruler archetype is known as the leader, and desires control; it also seeks to create prosperity and success, and to make order out of chaos. The ruler identity is right for a brand if it is:

- A high status product

- A product to help people get more organized

- A product at the moderate to high price range

Knowing this type of information helps to create a personal branding strategy that is consistent with the attributes and values of the brand, as well as identify the words to use to market the brand.

By using the ancient power of archetypes when branding your business, you will immediately make your marketing easier, and you’ll feel more confident because you’re authentically communicating who you are. This message of individuality and expression is so powerful, your ideal client will intuitively understand you, and be attracted to you.

A branding strategy, using archetypes, allows your audience to dive deep into the heart and soul of who you really are.

Whether you are developing your personal branding strategy for the first time, or rebranding, using ancient archetypes will separate the ordinary brands from you—the extraordinary brand. Use the power of ancient archetype to develop a powerful personal branding strategy to tell your brand’s story.

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How To Do Effective Corporate Branding For Your Business

Experts Say that for any business to succeed, corporate branding is a key and they are so very true. It is the process of creating image of business in the market. Establishing a benchmark for product and service is not that easy task but it is necessary for each business to work on corporate branding.

Why Corporate Branding?

Corporate Branding is something which will enhance your brand value; people will start remembering your business just by seeing your Logo, Punch Line, Website, Business Card etc. Let’s take an example. When someone starts thinking about MacDonald what is the first thing that sparks in mind? Isn’t it the Logo of MacDonald? That’s called true branding.

Let’s take some other example, what if someone calls you to think about Google? Of course you will start recalling its webpage with the word Google on it with many pretty colors, right? That’s the perfect example of Branding. There are many companies with which we interact in day to day life and they got perfect brand image through their Logo, Sign, Punch line, Website or a business Card.

So, from where one can start Corporate Branding?

You are never late if you have realized the importance of corporate branding and decided to implement it. Here are few simple steps to start implementing corporate branding for your business.

1. Hire some professional Corporate Identity Design People

The very first step of developing corporate identity is to hire some professionals to design a corporate identity like logo, business cards, website, bordures, punch line, Social Media pages etc.

To get best quality work for your business, it is important to hire some professionals to design business logo and website. Mostly those companies which provide marketing services also provide corporate branding services with creative designing staff. One can take help of them to choose business logo, punch line, motto, website template etc.

2. Developing a Logo

Once you hire a professional Corporate Branding Design Company, get some cool looking Logo, easy to remember Punch Line, a catchy website and everything else which is required to make your business a brand. This is the time to think creative and innovative. Create something out of box that no one else has design so far in your business industry. This will help your business to be a brand soon.

3. Completing the Image

This is just a start of creating Brand Image for your business. To brand your business effectively one should use their brand images like logo, website, punch line etc in the process of marketing. The more people will see your brand images, more famous your business will be. Use your brand images in company letter head, business card and website.

These are some simple steps to start implementing corporate branding for your business, they will surely help you to build unique brand image for your business.

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Branding Systems – Keys to an Effective Branding Strategy

Most small business CEO’s and entrepreneurs fail to realize this one simple thing.

That is, the key to an effective branding strategy is being able to deliver.

Seems simple, but it’s missed by an insane amount of business owners.

You must… No let me start that over.

YOU MUST be able to back up your claims and produce exactly as you say.

You got to walk your talk or else you will be walking into going out of business.

The majority of your business sales and profits come from repeat customers.

Because here’s the thing, nobody is going to be disappointed by your services twice.

And, that is exactly why, you need a rock-solid and profitable branding system, that involves:


Brand is just a mere representation of your company. Therefore, it must reflect exactly what your business can deliver for the customers and build its reputation from there. If you cannot produce quality products or services, then regardless of how potent your branding system or strategies are, you’d never be able to turn your marketing campaigns into a sales force.

Therefore, you need to be as sensitive to your customers’ needs as possible. But only to a certain extent that you still hold control over the image and reputation that you want your brand to exhibit.

Indeed, brand equity is a vital aspect in every business, especially consumer-based equity. It reflects the level of trust and attitude that a customer has towards a product associated with a given brand. This is impacted by the actual experience that a consumer has had with the product such that brand loyalty is affected by factors such as perceived quality and the delivery of the product.


One of the most effective ways to build trust amongst your customers is to be consistent with the message you are trying to convey. Consistency is most important when exhibiting the values that are key and vital in your company. Then, focus on every aspect of your business to ensure that it remains consistent with the values professed by your company and that they make a good representation of the company’s vision.


Creating a brand for your company is not only limited to the creation of a logo. While it is essential, your work does not stop there. After all, a logo is just a representation of your professional image but there are several factors in between that would help translate them into sales. You do not even have to spend lots of money to fulfill them. In every form of communication that you use in your business transactions, include your company logo in it, whether you’d be using business cards, yellow page ads, newsletters, letterhead, invoices, envelopes, and many more. Your logo is of no use unless you are able to capitalize on it and make it do its work for you.


As market trends continue to change and evolve, so must your approach at branding strategies. While you set your own company’s branding standards, you also need to look into exceeding those promises you’ve set and this is one of the most effective ways to generate more customers. On the other end, one failure could eventually ruin your business’ reputation on a long haul.

If you see any opportunity where changes can be done or improvements can be executed, then don’t be afraid to execute them.

This is one way for your business to stay on top of things and keep up with changing trends in the market for an effective business branding effort.

So, tell me, what are you working on RIGHT NOW to expand your brand?

And now I would like to invite you to claim your Free Instant Access to my “Hot Brand Action: 5 High-Performing Strategies to Dominate Your Market and Add an Extra $1K-$10K to your Bottom Line” training when you visit []

You’ll get one “plug-n-play” workbook AND a 60-minute Audio Replay of a teleseminar about using the exact strategies to get more clients, increase your impact and get paid.

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5 Tips on Developing an Online Brand Strategy For Your Business

Everyone in business nowadays knows that you have to be online to have serious earnings potential and stay competitive in the marketplace because the vast majority of consumers are online and many go online to seek out their future purchases or compare prices on items. Thus having a recognizable online brand identity and specific marketing is essential for a successful product sales campaign. Developing a brand strategy for online business is similar to developing one for regular marketing purposes, you simply have to redefine some elements and take your mission and goal of expansion and credibility further.

1. Define product demographics

Who will be interested in your product and want to purchase it? What kind of person is the brand made for? Set some clear demographics so you know who you’ll be marketing to and have some sort of concept of what you might do to spark their interest or catch their attention.

2. Tune into demographics’ online portals

Once your target group has been identified you’ll need to figure out where they are online and what they’re into that will allow you to reach them. If you’re marketing to 30-50 year old women you may be looking into parenting forums, working woman websites and mom savings blogs as this group seems to spend a great deal of their time online in these arenas. Hire people to blog and post on these sites to start discussions and talk about your products. This will give you an unbiased look at what the average view of your product is and how you can improve the brand or further strengthen its presence online. These online portals are also where you’ll later be advertising and pushing the brand identity later on so it’s nice to establish a presence early on even if it’s an invisible one that you simply use as a reference.

3. Create some demos

Make a couple examples of your brand identity items including an online logo, slogan, overall look and marketing campaign. You need to have more than one option so that if one proves to be unsuccessful in the beginning you have another to turn to later on. Or you can give consumers the option of choosing what they like in a poll, competition or survey of some sort.

4. Ask customers

Once you have a potential online brand strategy in place you can have a test run with your target consumers. This can be done a number of ways; through a survey, a free trial, incentive and reward programs or even a competition. Have a consumers come up with your brand identity for you through the guise of a competition in which the winner gets a cash prize or other large prize. Surveys can track what consumers think of your current brand identity and provide helpful feedback on what works or doesn’t work with your current design. This can be a voluntary survey however those with rewards or incentives yield higher numbers of people filling them out and giving more detailed answers.

5. Track results

Once you have a brand strategy in place you need to track the results to see if it’s working at whatever the goal of the strategy was. If the brand is new then the strategy is likely to increase awareness among the public and interest amongst the target demographic base. If the brand is more established the goal might be to increase the earnings by a specific percentage over a designated length of time. Watch the number of hits you get on ads, on your website, polls and so on. See if one market does better than another and after finding out why decide how to rearrange your marketing campaign funds and adjust your brand strategy accordingly.

If you have any questions about online branding, visit my blog and use the contact form to ask.

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9 Tips For Choosing The Right Medical Transcription (mt) Partner For Your Practice

Medical practices big or small are dependent on timely and accurate medical transcription and need to be absolutely certain that their vocal dictations will be transcribed into accurate well-presented documents. Quality of the transcription or report is vital because it further impacts patient care, decisions by other doctors who are referred, as well as the insurance companies reviewing claims. Some practices still do engage secretaries for medical transcription while others have moved to Voice Recognition Software to digitally translate verbal dictation into the written word. Unfortunately, both systems require additional overseeing and verification as they do not assure error free reports -anon-negotiable in the medical field. The third option gaining ground is outsourcing to third party. Today almost 75% of US healthcare companies are outsourcing work to other locations.
Outsourcing medical dictation has many advantage sand it is important to choose the right partner agency for this critical activity. Here are some pointers to help you make right decision.
1.Domain Experience: As the old saying goes Practice makes a man perfect, same goes while choosing the right transcription partner. It helps to evaluate previous experience or work done in medical transcription to ensure that the company is well conversant with acceptable processes and procedures like HIPAA.
2.Quality of Medical Transcriptionist: The core of a Medical Transcription partner is its resources. Well trained and experienced Medical Transcription team would be comfortable with complex medical terminologies and deliver high quality reports.It’s possible that the documents you need transcribed might be different from other specialties. So it’s important that the company you partner with has experience in serving your specific areas. This can be done by checking references or by asking for samples of work done previously.
3.Data Security: Patient confidentiality is paramount from professional and legal perspectives. The medical transcription partner should be using HIPAA complaint processes or technology platforms like ChartNet.
4.Data accuracy and quality:Accurate data entry is an important characteristic as it determines the reliability of the transcription.A good transcription partner will offer two or four layers of quality assurance. This means, at least three individuals will oversee the document before it is sent to you. It is a good practice to ask how many layers of quality control are integrated in the process to ensure high quality, error free output.
5.Turn around Time (TAT):In today’s digital world, speed and accuracy are of essence. Acceptable turnaround time is 24 hours so that you can respond to your patient’s needs at the earliest. Some documents can be completed even more quickly at additional cost for prioritizing it, however for standard documentation, if a company’s turnaround time is much longer than 24 hours; you might want to review other vendors as well.
6.Linguistic and accent experience: Dialects and pronunciations can change the way we interpret something with disastrous results. Dialects can change even from coast to coast, and the differences are magnified when the doctor and medical transcriptionist are in two separate geographies. It’s very important that your transcription partner has resources who are trained and experienced in the medical transcription business; accent sensitized and have a good command over English.
7.Consider what works for you. There is no single solution for choosing the right partner or service. It’s always a good idea to understand the needs and workflow of your practice, preferences of your staff and specialty services you offer before deciding what suits you best. Choosing the right partner and service is essentially about how you work, volume of documentation you handle and what you can adapt to most easily. Do view transcription from different perspectives before you take a decision.
8.Choose the features you need. There are many vendors and even more alternatives to choose from. Vendors often include many optional features to the service element. Not all of them would be relevant to your needs or useful to your staff. Its makes sense to study the pricing models, find out one-time fee or monthly charges, level of technical support, cost of software updates and only pay for what you need.
9.Software interface. It’s important to check if the software interfaces with the existing systems you are using or might use in future. You also need to ensure that the software is compatible with your EHR and practice management system as you will need to share records across platforms i.e. in office as well as to other providers.
Finally, do explore the possibility of a short term contract initially so that you have the option of withdrawing in case of any issues. With more and more companies offering a wide spectrum of transcription services it is easy to forget that it is essentially about accurate transcription, good turnaround time, cost saving, technical support and interoperability.

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